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What’s Music Piracy?

Anti Piracy Technology is the act of duplicating anything without prior permission and approval of the rightful owner.

In order to create commercial gains music piracy is just the action of duplicating an original recording in a unauthorized manner. There isn’t any approval in almost any form, in the rights owner of the recording. Piracy has compelled many a coming artist to close shop, and will not give money and the acknowledgement that they deserve to get to artistes. Record companies lose sales and face substantial financial losses due to piracy.

anti counterfeiting techniques

Pirated duplicates of music are obtainable in the marketplace in Cassettes, CDs and DVDs and are usually a compilation of many tracks of the performing band or artiste. The availability of this technology to the public and the progress in technology, notably the plagiarists has caused a dangerously high increase in the flow of pirated music in the market.

How the net is helping the growth of piracy?

Well, that is an act of in certain countries, where copyright infringement is a big problem, and supporting piracy; you could be committing an offense. The humongous amount of users the internet has, and the extensive reach of the internet the inability to police the net effectively, around the planet, has indeed made the internet a harbor for pirates. Pirates no more find the need eventually smuggle them, pack, and to burn music on dozens of DVDs or music CDs, to be sold on the streets. All a plagiarist must do is upload it to his web site on the web, rip the tracks and purchase the initial CD. Several links about, and within days, his site will be flooded with traffic, most of whom just want to download the tune.

app protection

Some pirates even sell the music for affordable rates. They wind up making money on a mass scale. When this is repeated for thousands of songs, they finally develop a download library of forms, and wind up making enormous amounts of illegal cash. Illegal downloads are also used by some websites as something to gain popularity and make money promotion or to raise their website traffic. Additionally, this is illegal and represents music piracy. Many people also provide uncertainties regarding the use of P2P software to “share” music. Then it’s perfectly legal if the music is not copyright protected.

Nevertheless the introduction of iTunes music system by music apparatus giants like Apple, have helped in mending the situation, however just to a specific extent. Our Facebook Page.


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