[Webinar] Stephen Key: How to protect your product idea

The explosion of e-commerce activity in the past decade has presented small businesses with previously unthinkable access to the global market. However, with this has come the rapid increase of counterfeiting, on an industrial scale.Counterfeiting accounts for 5% of all commercial imports to the European Union and is worth an estimated $461 billion dollars every year. This situation has presented innovators and small business with the challenge of protecting their innovations and intellectual property.

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The counterfeit trend threatening to destroy fashion

There is an emerging niche trend in counterfeits, and it threatens to destroy luxury fashion. Why are replicas so dangerous? 

Counterfeit sales have never been higher, with annual trade in fake goods today worth almost half a trillion dollars. High pressure on consumers to keep up with trends, especially perpetrated by unrealistic ideals set by social media, are arguably to blame for the recent rise of fake fashion, as consumers are keen to show their status but also keen to save on purchases. And indeed it can be difficult to know that a website is listing a counterfeit item; fakes are often of a high quality (or of “better quality” than originals according to Alibaba’s Jack Ma) and the websites that sell them increasingly advanced in imitation and technological capabilities.

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[Webinar] How to make your product go viral

From “Charlie bit my finger” to “Gangnam Style” marketing and media professionals all aspire to have their video or marketing “go viral”. Going viral is the digital spread of an idea, video or content from one person to another; otherwise known as word of mouth. This form of marketing is ten times more effective that traditional marketing and its spread is almost limitless with potentially very little investment. However, achieving this is no mean feat and has left many professionals searching for a formula to recreate this.

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